Family car

What family car should I buy?

Know your budget and the car market you will go

Buying a car is an exciting and a significant purchase that can stay with you for many years to come. However, buyers have to think carefully before making this important decision.

To avoid buyers’ remorse, it is better to spend some time researching the car market. Keep an open mind and look into different brands, models, fuel efficiency, conditions and prices. Take notes on the qualities and details that are important to you and crosscheck using multiple sources to get a balanced idea.

Moreover, all of that valuable research has probably given you a good idea of your price range, which will help narrow down the research process. Choose your preferred car according to your budget.

Find your suitable family car

Choosing the best car to suit your family can be a difficult task because there are so many options on the market. Families come in all shapes and sizes, which is why family cars do too. If you have a small family and need a city car to compete the school run, you will be looking for something different compared to someone else who regularly transport three children on weekend adventures. It is obvious that you want a car that is practical, comfortable, able to transport bulky items, cheap to run and durable.

You can choose between the popular SUV, hatchback and sedan car

The hatchback is the most type of car on the road, largely because they are available in a range of different sizes. They all have a boot lid that is the entire width of the car and hinged at the roof. The boot lid is considered as a door because you can access the cargo area and the rear seating area when it is opened.

The sedan provides four doors for five passengers and good fuel economy. The cargo area is separated from the passenger cabin so the boot lid cannot be considered as a door. The boot space is located behind the rear pillars providing better protection for the luggage because it does not have a glass window that looks into the cargo area.

The SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle has dramatically increased in popularity with sales through the new models coming to market. With increased ground clearance and a high riding position, SUVs are the natural choice for a family that led active lifestyles. They are very capable off-road and have four-wheel drive version.