Visiting Paris and money saving tips to optimize your stay

This mini Paris travel guide will help you to make your stay in Paris a success that meets your expectations, and will help you save money, as the city is quite expensive, somehow.

Paris, the capital of France, is also known as the City of light. The fame of this cosmopolite town comes from its history that left her beautiful art, culture and architecture remains. Famous places present monuments and sculptures. And when you do not keep focused on the clichés you heard about her, she delivers you all her beauty and you will be fully enjoying what she gives to all your senses.

Paris is an open-air museum where ancient and modern buildings coexist, where local and international culture form a perfect mix. Moreover, day or night, it is not really easy for a foreigner in visit to get bored in this living town; there is so much to see and so much to do.

Take advantage from reduced rates whilst visiting Paris

These are some tips that will help you to see Parisian famous places at a very confortable prices.

The museums

Paris has more than 200 museums and more than 1000 art galleries. You can join them by taking the metro or the bus; the Parisian metro and lines web served most of them. You can opt for the Paris Museum Pass that gives you access to 70 museums and avoid long queues: it is proposed to 42 € for two-days, 56 € for four days and 69 € for six days.

If you do not mind queuing, the first Sunday of each month, access to the national museums is free. For the other days and museums, prices, days and hour of opening may be different.

The transportation

As Paris is provided with a very large subway web, more than 300 stations, it is quite easy to move around the city. If you buy a metro card, you will save money for your travels in the city. Each individual ticket costs 1,90 € when a day pass costs 11,65 € and a “carnet” or 10 tickets is less than 15 €. Moreover, the ParisVisite is a day pass which, in addition to the cheap metro tickets, offers preferential tariffs to some famous places.

Rideshares is also an excellent way to save money and to avoid metro and taxis. Uber and Uber Pool option offer cheap means to travel through the city.

The accommodation

If you have pals or family in Paris, staying at their home will be the best way to save money as accommodations costs in this town is expensive. You can also opt for the couchsurfing, an accommodation facility that is now a common practice. Many Parisians offer such sympathetic service; just make research on the internet to find some.