Stretch Limousines

Are Stretch Limousines A Dying Trend?

Stretch Limousine

Every year, car manufacturers decide to give a major overhaul to their current models. Adding all kinds of comfort options to the car. There are even companies who offer car interior customization, if you aren’t satisfied with the incredible options the base company has to offer. This includes cooler compartments, satellite phones and TVs just to name a few. You pretty much have all the options of a limousine right at your hands. But why are limousines a dying trend? A few reasons can be brought up, but we’ll go over the ones that strike out the most.


We are living in a time where almost everything is being downsized and simplified while still giving plenty of options. This trend has started with mobile phones, and then with cars and now houses. With cars however, it isn’t its general size that has been reduced, although there are manufacturers who offer models with a longer wheelbase, it’s more about the increase in interior spacing so one has a lot of legroom and an executive feeling. Due to this change, limousines are pretty much any and all long luxurious cars. Since they offer the same options a traditional limo offers.

Less Is More

In this day and age, most people pride themselves on accomplishing things by themselves. This also means, going somewhere alone or with one or two other friends. The few times a stretch limousine would be hired would be for wedding transportation or prom night car pooling or also bachelor parties. However, people now tend to prefer going lighter. This means that they’ll often look to rent for 4-door sedan limousine whose carrying capacity will be between 4 to 6 passengers. Furthermore, with the options that a modern luxury sedan limousine has to offer, it’s certainly the best bang-for-buck one can offer.

Fast World, Fast Cars

Limousines are not fast cars, AT ALL. Even though, there are limousines such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Mercedes-Maybach S650 who boast powerful V12 engines, you won’t be the one in the driver’s seat so you don’t have to think about speed at all. As a limousine rider, your only worry should be about comfort and hopping out in style. However, there are those who prefer to rent fast exotic cars or convertibles for certain events. This allows them to drive themselves to an event in a quick and flashy manner and also attracting the attention of many eyes.

What’s Left For Stretch Limos?
Although, there has been a lot of progress in terms of making a regular sedan into a high-end limousines, there is still a demand for stretch limos for proms and bachelor parties and wedding transportation. However, you won’t often see a Hummer stretch limo rolling around. Nowadays, the most popular stretch limo, is the President Of The United States’ armored limousine. Modern luxury sedans and even the Bentley Bentayga, offer champagne flutes and cooler compartments as options. Which you’ll find in all limousines. However, if you’re feeling a little extra, you can go ahead and hire a limousine that has a pool and jacuzzi in the back.